Before you Start
What and to Whom?

The first things you have to determine are:

    What is my message?
    Who is my audience?

The Message
The internet is an incredibly powerful communication medium but you have to clarify what you are going to say off-line before rushing into cyberspace.

You message can be as simple or complex but every web site has a message. 
Some examples might include:

Hey look at my cat fluffy! Hire Me.
Star Trek is cool! Visualize world peace.
Look at our advertisers. (Please, Please look at our advertisers) Buy a book, or a toy, or some software, or just about anything else you can think of.
Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated (www, or  Come visit our town.
Have you seen my new piercing? (call me) Home made crafts for sale. 
How can we do business more efficiently? 
(to an existing customer)

   And on and on and on...

Go through some of your favorite web sites and see if you can think of what their message is.

The Audience
As you checked out those sites think about what made you go there or keep coming back. You are their audience.

The internet population is growing by leaps and bounds and is looking more and more like the real world. The old (like three years ago, time is relative on the web) idea of the internet audience being a bunch of pocket protector wearing, x-file watching, white guys in the US and Sweden just doesn't fly anymore.

If you have an audience off-line, there is an audience on-line there to be found and even if you don't have an off-line audience you might find one on-line. 

Internet Technologies can help you:
    Find new customers
    Serve existing customers better
    Streamline your business processes to server off-line customers

The audiences are as varied as the messages. You just have to figure out where they are out on the internet and get them to your site so you can deliver your message.

It sounds so easy doesn't it?

If your message is starting to take shape (don't worry, you can change it) and you want to go after an audience then get ready to invest some time as you...